Hobby Lobby Under Boycott For Obamacare Stance

Hobby Lobby Under Boycott

In the news today, Hobby Lobby is now under boycott by many liberals because Hobby Lobby chose to join the Roman Catholic Church in filing a lawsuit against the implementation of Obamacare’s requirements on religious grounds.

So the question now has to be dealt with of whether or not conservatives will choose to balance them out by purposely buying at Hobby Lobby to demonstrate that the Left will not be allowed to bully any organization for their religious positions.

Liberals are increasingly making it clear that Americans must choose to either stand up to them or be bullied by them; there is no middle ground.  This is not about offending anyone but standing against their nonsense.

Just as with Chick-Fil-A, it is time to make it clear that no business who takes a stand against the Left shall be harmed financially or in any other way by their “divide-and-conquer” methodology.  Until Liberals learn to unite behind everything they hate: freedom, opportunity, and hard work – conservatives must make sure to do their best to balance out their economic nonsense with such a wave of support that they give up their foolishness.


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